The 2023 Rock Cobbler and Pebbler Cobbler Gravel Race was an epic adventure! It was an 80 or 52 mile journey through rough terrain that put riders' strength, endurance, and bike-handling skills to the test. The race was done on a variety of bikes, and some riders even chose to ride a mountain bike for the extra grip and control. 

The traditional hike-a-bike section was a real challenge with deep and sticky mud making it a tough section. But that didn't stop the riders from having fun and helping each other out. It was a true display of friendship and teamwork.

The slippery downhill road was a wild ride with riders trying to keep their balance on what was said to be “a road”. Some stayed in the grass along the edge for extra traction, while others tested their luck trying to maintain control with little ability to slow down or stop.

And then there was that one section where the race went through a person's living room. How cool is that?! The living room was filled with cheering spectators. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will never be forgotten.

The weather on race day was perfect, with clear skies and green grass everywhere. The temperatures were cold at the start, but warmed up. It was a beautiful day for an awesome adventure.

The Rock Cobbler was well-organized with a great venue made the race experience even more fun. The pre-race and post-race party vibes were just as cool with a free BBQ lunch for all riders, plenty of Coors yellow-jackets, bike barrel racing, and a special engraved shovel for all finishers. These extra touches always make The Cobbler even more special.

Despite the competitive spirit on the course, riders showed a strong sense of friendship and support making this year's race a celebration of the gravel racing community. If you love adventure gravel riding, then you have to check out the Rock Cobbler next year.

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