We’re thrilled to announce our Singletrack Searcher Challenge; an opportunity to show our appreciation for the incredible trails that make Orange County such a special place for riders. By participating in this challenge, you'll earn custom trail pennant stickers that represent some of our favorite destination trails in Orange County.

As mountain bikers, we are driven by a variety of powerful emotions that draw us to the joys of trail riding. The thrill of exploring new trails, the adrenaline rush of pushing our limits, and the sense of camaraderie we feel with other riders are just a few of the factors that motivate us to saddle up and hit the dirt.

Each sticker is 4”x2.5” – perfect for your van, cooler, toolbox, laptop, bike rack…

    Every few weeks, we will announce (via email) a new trail to ride. How you get to that trail is up to you – just make sure your route includes the trail and that you’re recording it with a GPS app, device, or smartwatch.


    Once completed, submit your ride using the form on our site. You’ll need to include your complete address so that once verified we can mail you your trail pennant sticker – for free!


    This is NOT a race. You’re not timed and there is no prize for doing the trail the fastest. We will not be posting finishing times, and we are not looking at your time and/or comparing it to others.


Are the original Season 1 trails still available?

Yes! You can complete any of the trails from Season 1 and submit them at any time. Supplies are limited. Click here for a complete list of those trails.

Does the Singletrack Searcher Trail Challenge cost anything?

NO, it does not cost anything to participate, but you must sign up for the challenge first. This will let you complete the required waiver, and be notified when we add new trails to the challenge.

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to all participants as long as they complete the signup on our site.

How do I submit a ride?

Submit your rides using the form on our site. You will need to provide a link to your completed ride and a mailing address so that we can send you your pennant sticker. We do not accept emails with GPS files attached.

Do I need a STRAVA account?

No, but you do need to submit a link with your completed ride, and we feel that Strava is the easiest option. Please be sure to make your ride "public".

If you’re on STRAVA, join the Cassette & Co club!

How do you check the accuracy of a submitted ride?

We can quickly see from your submitted link if you rode the trail. There is no required segment to complete. We will give details in each announcement email about where the trail is and where it starts/stops.

How often are new trails added to the challenge?

New trails are added to the challenge every few weeks. Watch your emails for updates!

And don’t forget to check your junk mail folder if you don’t see an email from us.

How long do I have to complete a trail?

One the trail is added to the challenge, you have until the challenge ends. We are extending this program into the fall riding season!

Can I submit multiple rides?

Yes, you can submit them one at a time for different trails in the challenge. We ask however that you do not send multiple links for the same trail. Supplies are limited and we want enough for everyone.

Are the routes closed?

NO. The trails are OPEN to all users. This is not a timed event. Take your time and take photos and enjoy the amazing views along these trails - and dont forget to tag us in photos at @cassettecreative

What are the prizes?

Riders who complete a trail will receive a FREE sticker pennant of the trail completed. Collect them all and put them all over your tool box, van, cooler, laptop….

We’ll send out trail pennant stickers every few days with first class postage. No tracking info will be provided.

stainless thermos with Chutes trail sticker


Email signup is required – that’s how we announce when trails are added the challenge.

Submitted rides must be completed between March 1, 2023 and the end of this challenge. In other words, do not submit a ride from last year even though it may include the challenge trail.

Limit 1 submission for each trail per rider. We want you to complete them all, and we want to have enough pennants for everyone. Please do not submit the same ride multiple times in hopes of getting multiples of one pennant sticker.

PLEASE use proper trail etiquette: descending riders should yield to those riding up, hikers, and horses.

Finally, this is not a race.