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We hope you're still getting out for those epic adventures on the trails. But as the days get shorter, we've got some exciting news: the adventure doesn't have to come to a close just yet. In fact, we've got something special in store to keep your biking spirit alive and thriving – an extension of the Singletrack Searcher Trail Challenge.


At Cassette & Company, we've always been inspired by the cycling lifestyle and the search for the ultimate ride. That's why we launched the Singletrack Searcher Trail Challenge, a unique opportunity to celebrate the thrill of conquering some of Orange County's most famous trails.

Our challenge is simple: Ride any of the participating trails and earn a pennant sticker as a badge of honor. And it's not too late to get started! All 8 of the trails in the challenge are listed below with links to our announcement emails.

If you rode 25 or 50 miles at The Good Dirt Ride, you've also unlocked the Vista Trail pennant - an exclusive bonus for those that rode the event. 

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 How to Join the Challenge

  • SIGN UP: Visit our Challenge Signup Page to register for the Singletrack Searcher Trail Challenge.
  • RIDE: Hit the trails! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new rider, these trails offer something for everyone.
  • SUBMIT YOUR RIDE: After your ride, submit your ride details to us using the submit form on our site. It's your way of proving that you conquered the trail and earned your bragging rights.

Once you complete the challenge, you'll receive your trail pennant sticker in the mail. Stick 'em on your tool box, laptop, bike rack, van... anywhere that needs some SoCal trail stoke.

The Singletrack Searcher Trail Challenge is our way of saying thanks to the riding community that we love being a part of. The adventure continues, and the trails are calling.



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