cyclists on the course at the 2024 rock cobbler


The 2024 Rock Cobbler lived up to its reputation, throwing a curveball to riders who braced for mud after pre-race rain. Instead, blue skies and surprisingly tacky trails greeted them on the 60-mile, 5,000+ foot "Pebbler" route. Cassette & Co. was in the mix to witness the epic unfold.

Beyond the Grit: A Celebration of Two Wheels and Timeless Vibes

The Rock Cobbler is more than just pushing limits on a grueling course. It's a celebration of the cycling spirit, where riders unite for the love of adventure and two wheels. It's about facing the unexpected, embracing the challenge, and connecting with a community that thrives on pushing boundaries. At Cassette & Co., we celebrate that spirit with our vintage-inspired tees, hoodies, and accessories, designed to complement your ride, both on and off the bike.

Vintage Soul, Modern Comfort: Gear Up for Your Next Adventure

Our comfy tees, hoodies, and accessories are built for style and all-day comfort, whether you're grinding gravel or exploring the post-race scene. 

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