Cassette & Co. is excited to announce our collaboration with the Orange County Mountain Bike Association (OCMTBA). We have teamed up to create a unique limited edition tee, combining our appellation for trail advocacy and style into a remarkable partnership.

Every other week, one lucky rider will be randomly selected to receive the limited edition Trail Advocate tee – adding an extra element of raison d’etre (that’s purpose) to be an engaged member of OCMTBA. Grab a wheel and sign up for your opportunity to win, or purchase the OCMTBA x Cassette & Co. tee with a portion of sales being donated to their organization.


Two advocacy organizations, Share MTB and OCMTBA, merged in late 2022 to form the Orange County Mountain Bike Association (OCMTBA). The merger aimed to consolidate resources and create a larger advocacy group for trail protection and expansion. The focus of the new association is not only to support mountain biking but also to advocate, protect, and expand trail access in Southern California. The association continues its trail work and etiquette contributions while improving communication through a single database of Orange County riders. They are also building a knowledge base of trail systems and land management agreements. The association seeks strength and political connections at the county, state, and national levels. They emphasize the importance of community and protecting access to trail systems. OCMTBA encourages people in Orange County to subscribe to updates, follow them on social media, and consider becoming members.

We hope this fun, limited-edition addition inspires a bit of adventure and urges you to support OCMTBA for the work they do throughout Orange County to maintain the trails.


ocmtba cassette and co collaboration

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