We’re always on the look-out for unique bike shop experiences – ones that have the right vibe of dreamy products on display, mechanical know-how, hot coffee in the morning and cold beers in the afternoon.

And that’s exactly what we get at Stage 21 Bikes in Laguna Woods, CA.

Enter Stage 21 and you’ll not find the normal shelves and racks JENGA packed so tight you can’t read the frame size. Instead, a display of custom built bikes are center stage along with a curated selection of components and apparel that line the walls.

The shop has been in existence and in the same location since 2012. Yet, they remain to be one of the OC’s best-kept cycling secrets. It’s the shop for discerning customers who tend to keep “their” shop to themselves as a secret.

That’s not to say they’re not busy. As one of the nation’s top ENVE Ride Center’s, they maintain a steady stream of custom builds and upgrades in their service department. They’ve also built their business as a top Cannondale dealer and are small parts and Lefty experts.

stage 21 bike mechanic working on bikes

Shopping at Stage 21 is casual. Warm lighting shines down on platforms that elevate bikes off the polished concrete floor. Industrial tabletops and shelving made from old aircraft showcase a glorious amount of ENVE carbon, CeramicSpeed, Schwalbe, Fabric, and RockShox. You’ll likely have the showroom floor to yourself to look around.

While the shop has ties to Cannondale and ENVE, they are especially known for their custom builds. It’s not uncommon to see the latest from any brand in the stand next to a SuperSix.

Mike (owner) and Chris (head of sales) also embrace online commerce and have gone full-in to make their shop digital. Their entire store catalog can be shopped online from their biggest selling drivetrain kits to the smallest anodized titanium bolt.

details of inside stage 21 bike shop

Yet despite their online presence, the brick-and-mortar shop remains their focus. They’re content to keep their attention on the shop’s sales and service and do not spread themselves thin with events or team activities. The shop is the center of what they do, and that’s whats been working since they opened 10 years ago.

And by the look of how busy they are, they’ll be around another 10 (or more).

bike handlebars being wrapped with bar tape

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